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Doctor Appointment

I hate the word “fetish”. But something that I like seems to have happened again, so it may be that I have one.

Rocco had an appointment this morning so I came along. The usual checkup. But he was all nervous. A little excited, but nervous.

“What is up with you today?” I asked him.
“Nothing. I just get a little nervous when I have a Doctor’s appointment. Do I look ok?”
“Ya, you look fine. Why are you taking so long to get ready”?
“I want to make sure I am all clean since I know he will have to fully check me”.

Mmmm. What is up with that?

So we go to the appointment and I go with him in the office. The nurse takes his blood pressure, checks his weight, etc. “The Doctor will be with you soon”.

In walks Doctor Amaro.

“Hi Rocco. How are you doing today?” He sees me sitting in the spare chair and nods to me.

“Hi Doctor. I am Thor”.

“Hi Thor. Nice to meet you”

“So Rocco, how have you been?”
“Um, ok. No problems”.
“Are you sleeping well? How is work?
“Fine, thanks.”
Rocco is acting all weird. He is a little flush and seems embarrassed. I can’t figure out why. The Doctor is mid 50’s, black hair with gray running through it, pretty good shape, glasses and a little hair protruding from his open shirt under his white lab coat. I can’t figure out why Rocco is acting like he is in front of the principal at school, but he keeps gulping and shit.

“So let’s have you take off your shirt and undershirt so we can get a closer look”.
Rocco does this without saying a word.
The Doctor takes his stethoscope and starts listing to his heart, his lungs, etc. “breath deeply”, he says.

“Now lets have you stand up and turn around”
He then checks his moles on his back.
Rocco is in pretty good shape. His back has that nice V-shape and his upper back muscles flex when he turns his waist. Nice!

The Doctor is checking his moles from behind and start going from his shoulders down to his chest. He face is right up against Rocco’s right cheek. Rocco is beat red and he keeps trying not to look at me.
I am thinking in my head [what the fuck is going on here?]
The Doctor finishes the mole exam.

“Ok Rocco, let’s have you remove your trousers and underpants and hop back up on the table”
Rocco strips down to nothing (except his socks).
“Your socks also Rocco”.
“ok, sorry”.
“Nothing to be sorry about son”. [He calls him son and Rocco almost faints. He is sweating and red and I am thinking that Doc Amaro is turning Rocco on.]

Rocco stalls on taking his underpants off. “Don’t forget those son”.
Rocco slips off his white, CK briefs (the ones with the big lettering that I love, love love) and reveals why he is acting so weird.
Rocco has a huge, blue-steel hard on.

He looks at me in embarrassment. I am impressed. His dick is perfectly straight, pointing out at command, with just enough black bush pubes to be clean and manly. His balls are cleanly shave and they hand very low.

The Doc acts completely like nothing.
“Very good Rocco. I hope you give yourself weekly testicular exams”? “Um, um..”
“I will show you how”
The Doc gloves up (the nice blue, latex free gloves) and pulls up a stool so he can sit directly in front of Rocco’s balls.
He starts examining them, all the while his steel rod is pointing at the Doc like a finger in a Court of law.
The Doc says “Rocco, give me your hand”. He takes Rocco’s hand and his index finger. “You feel this”? The Doctor is show Rocco how to exam his nuts. This is forcing Rocco, up until now looking at the wall, to look down at his nuts and the Doctor.
“You feel this here Rocco”. “Ya.” “This is the main vein that travel through your scrotum. Roll your testicle around a little so you can feel it.” “Like that Doctor?”
“Perfect. “Now let’s see if you can do it yourself with both testicles.” While the Doctor is face to face with his balls and rod,
Rocco now has to take both his hand to feel his nuts.
“Great job Rocco. It is very important for you to check yourself regularly.”
“Yes Doctor (gulp)”
I am not sure why, but I am getting hard in my pants as this is happening. Rocco is totally naked and me and Doc Amaro are sitting there fully clothed. Is this a fetish that I have and didn’t know? Is this Rocco’s fetish?

“Now that we are done with that exam, lets check your prostate”
“Um, what?
“Oh Rocco, you are a big boy, there is nothing to be nervous about”.
Nervous? Rocco’s rod is a full mast and the Doctor thinks he is nervous?

“You are lucky today son”.
“What is that?”
“Because we are in a girls exam room and that means we can use the stirrup chair”.
Rocco gets up on this metal chair that is angled. He not quit lying flat, but is not quite sitting up.
The Doctor has him put his legs on these metal footstool things which have him kinda spread-eagle. Now I see why it is the ladies chair. Easy access to pussy – -but in this case, to Rocco’s pussy.

The Doctor lays his legs in and straps them to the foot arms so he stays in place. “I need to spread your legs apart as far as you can”. He turns the crank and the legs rests start to spread wide Rocco’s legs until he looks like he is in one of those leg machines at the gym. “Um, that is the most I can go Doctor”.
“That is fine Rocco”.
Rocco is now lying like a woman, his legs spread apart, clamped down, his dick is rock hard and me and Doc Amaro have full view of his man-pussy. >side note: Rocco’s anus is awesome. Just a hint of black hair, tight as can be and not a blemish on him.

The Doctor slips on one of those finger-only type gloves. No more full blue gloves. He then spread lubricant (I can’t tell what kind) on his finger.
“Rocco, this will feel cold, but it is necessary for your exam”.
“Ok Doctor”. (Rocco’ hard on has not abated.

The Doctor gently rubs his lube laced finger glove around Rocco’s anus. Gently until he makes his entrance slowly. Rocco moans slightly (but I don’t think he meant to).
“Are you doing ok son?”
“I’m fine Doctor”.
“Great. You may feel a little pressure. I have to go in pretty deep to exam your prostate.”
Slowly, Doctor A. starts move in deeper and deeper with his one finger. His other (ungloved) fingers are now resting on Rocco’s big boy balls. The Doctor is feeling around inside. Rocco suddenly starts to panic. “Um Doctor, do you have a tissue?”
The Doctor, obviously busy, turns to me and says, “Thor, (I was surprised he remembered my name) can your help your friend out?
“Sure.” I bring a tissue over to Rocco, thinking he needs to blow his nose or something. Instead, it is something else.

As a guy I should have realized this coming. Since Rocco has now been stone hard for the last 20 minutes or so, he is now dripping or actually gushing, precum. It is running down the front of his un-cut penis onto his abs. He is a mess. Precum all over his dick. Precum all over his stomach. Precum on his hand as he attempted to wipe it earlier. He looks at me, totally humiliated. I give him the tissue and stay to watch this happen. Actually, I just wanted to up the humiliation so I can bust them on him later!

He wiped the precum off his dick and his foreskin moves up and down, lubricating himself unwillingly. No wonder he is hard.
Meanwhile, the Doctor is still finger deep in Rocco’s man-pussy.

The Doctor says that he is having a hard time examining him since the chair is awkward. He reaches for another single glove and slips it on his second finger. “This may be uncomfortable but I think you can handle it”.
He slips a second finger inside of Rocco’s anus. Two fingers inside of my Rocco’s hole. He looks at me and – if I were to translate – he WOULD say “dude, can’t you just suck me off while the Doctor finger fucks me?”

Rocco just closes his eyes, continuing to wipe his manhood of the never-ending man seed that continue to flow out of him.

The Doctor says, “All set Rocco. You did fine.”

He removes his gloves, and takes a tissue to wipe off the lube from Rocco’s (now wide open) anus. “Good job son”.

“You can take this to reception and be on your way”.

“Thanks Doctor Amaro”

We leave to go to reception. He pays his copayment.
We are walking toward the elevator and he says, “I gotta use the bathroom”. I join him.

Double urinal – no separator. We can see each other’s cocks.

He pulls his out to pee and he can’t, because he is sticky, wet and still semi hard. He looks at me. I look at his sticky shaft. I go down on the dirty bathroom floor and kneel. I put his sticky penis in my mouth. No hands, just my hot, thirsty mouth.
Have 5 or ten slow sucks – from tip to root – he moans, says nothing and shoots his man-semen into my mouth. He finally exhales. I swallow completely. I stand up, pee, laugh with him and then we grabbed some lunch.

Now I know why Rocco was so nervous this morning!


Dental Appointment

Time for a cleaning.
I was able to now change my appointment to Saturday since my dental office is now open. Sweet!
So I go in for my 11:00. As usual, I am greeted by reception and told to wait for my hygenist.

5 minutest later, the door opens: “Thor, this way please”. I am met by this hot guy. Mid 30’s, black, tall, cleanly shaven. He is wearing a surgical cap, scrub pants and top, protective goggles on his head.

“Nice to meet you”. “Welcome. My name is Roland. I will be doing your cleaning today”.

Great. Looks like it will be a fun visit.

So I am chit-chatting with Roland, passing the time as he prepares his stuff. “how do you like it here?” He says “pretty nice. I like my patients a lot”.

I do my “let’s see if he’s gay or straight” thing.

“So, any hot chick stories?”

“O yeah man!. I said “tell me .. did you ever have anyone with a short skirt in the chair?”

My mouth is now open and he is in there cleaning my teeth, with his goggles on and he starts talking.

He tells me how this girl was sitting in his chair and how she was totally into him. This was her second time there and she requested the last appointment of the day – knowing full well that she would be in there with him alone.

She shows up with a short skirt and no underwear – but he didn’t know this yet. So as he is working on her teeth (:)), she starts to slightly rub up against his hand as he was leaning over her.

He thinks it was just a mistake, but as he repositions himself over her, she leans in again – ensuring that his hand brushes her skirt.

Since he now knows what is going on and the fact that nobody else was in the office, he goes for it.

He lets her rub up against her hand while he works on her teeth. She eventually starts to rub up against his crotch. He responds by getting hard and keeps up the rubbing.

He continues to clean her teeth, both of them acting like nothing was happeneing – which is why this is so hot!

She takes his right hand and places is on the bottom of he skirt – inviting him to navigate underneath. He does and soon fines out that she has no panties on.

He keeps going and feels her puffy lips only to discover that she is perfectly smooth. He takes his thumb and index finger and gently spreads apart her luscious, bald lips. He places his other free finger to gently probe her pussy – only to find out that she is slightly moist. She shakes and quivers slightly has he continues to use one hand to explore while his other hand is working on her dental hygene.

He continues to probe her moistness until he delves in a little deeper in her vulva. She moans while he is face to face with her, cleaning her teeth. He has his goggles on and his surgical mask over his mouth so it is hard to see is facial expresions – but his eyes tell the story: He is enjoying fingering his patient, feeling her continue to drip, all-the-while ensuring she will have plaque-free teeth.

He now inserts 2 fingers and ever so gently begins a rhythm of gently thrusting. He rubs her hood since he knows that is what these white girls like, all the while continuing the thrusting. She finally starts to pant, but since her mouth is wide open for the cleaning, she can only squirm in the chair so much.

He realises that it is the fact that she is restricted to the chair, her mouth is forced open and all the while his facial expressions are covered that are continuing to get his dental chair wet. He looks at her through her goggles and mask and says “we are almost done…how are you doing?” She moans “great..please continue until you are SURE we are done.”

He grinds her with his fingers, rubs her hood and stares at her. She finally starts to shake – he keeps it up until she  spazms. His fingers are soaking wet.

He says, “it looks like you are all set.” She responds “yes I am. That was a great appointment”.

He removes her bib and says she can get ready. He turns around so he can can complete his paper work. When she is not looking, he places both is wet fingers in his mouth. He just could not wait to taste her, but he did not want to embarrass her. He had keep up his “I’m a cool, fucking, big dicked, black dude that even white pussy is chasing me” image. He just wanted to act like nothing happened.

“Thanks for coming in” he said. “I can’t wait to come back for another deep cleaning” she replied.

Nice appointment.

Moving day

Hey men.

So there is a new guy/girl couple moving in down the hall today.
I was walking down to the trash shoot and could see the girl hustling back and forth.

After she entered her apartment, out comes a dolly, with 2 guys (movers I presume) pushing the cart along.
My eyes popped out of my head. Let me describe:

Guy/man/dude #1-> irish type, bald head, trimmed beard, 28ish, tank Tshirt, cut off jean shorts, workboots with low socks, diamond earring in one ear, ripped arms (thin, but cut) and plenty of blond hair coming from his arm pits.

Guy/man/dude #2-> Italian, thick, black, short hair, 31ish, one of those old, Gold’s gym, muscle shirts, gold chain with a cross, work boots with black socks, unbelievable ripped chest, decent arms and huge sholders with a tat of SQR (Roman Empire seal) on his left arm. Trimmed arm pits and dark, olive skin.
Is it possible to ejaculate without touching yourself? Well I almost did in the 30 seconds in which I viewed these 2 man studs.

So I make it a point to bring trash back and forth from my apartment to the trash room. Remember, I am having my bathroom construction done (see my last post) so I have an excuse to bring stuff every 10 minutes or so without looking like a weirdo.

After passing them for the 3rd time I give them a “hey guys, what’s up?” dude nod. They acknowledge me with a kinda of being cool, but a little hesitant. They may be on to the fact that I am gay since I might have been caught checking out the Italian guy before I realized he caught me. No issue, I just played it cool (at least in my head).

So after 1 hour of this back and forth, I saw #2 in the elevator (I know they were using it to bring the dolly back and forth so I conveniently decided to use it on the off chance we would be in there together).

So I walked down the stairs and made off like I was getting my mail. Then watched #2 come back in to our small elevator with the dolly. Irish guy (#1) needed to move the moving truck (meter maids), so Italian guy was coming back up to the elevator, which is where I conveniently made sure I was waiting for.

“Hey man, still workin’?” I said. He said “Ya, just hot as a bitch today”. He seemed more friendly now since his Irish bud was not with us.

The elevator comes and we both get on. I make sure that I am sandwiched (or should I say manwiched) in between him so the dolly could fit. I mean, I was right up again him. Hot day, I could smell him. He face was dripping and I could actually inhale his body odor. To be clear on what I mean:

This was not gross guy who didn’t shower for 7 days living under a bridge.

This was hot man, working hard, deodorant not quite working, muscles flexing, straight guy smell.

So we are making small talk and since I know that he caught me before checking him out AND that Irish guy was not with us, I decided to be a little more bold. “Man, do you get like that from being a mover” I asked in a sort of man-to-man (not to gay) but maybe a little gay way.
“Yeah, it defintly helps me get like this” (he looked at his biceps as if to show me). I respond: “I feel like a fat pig looking at those guns of yours…Shit man look at you”!
He flexes them for me and says “these guns?” and laughs.
I say “I mean look at the cuts in your arms right there” I point with my finger, not touching him, acting like I was afraid to touch without permission (which I was), but giving him the opportunity to give me permission. I kept acting like I wanted to point out cuts in his arms but was having a “hard time” doing so without being able to say “here and here”.
Once he realized that I was “unable” to articulate myself about what I meant about his arms, he said “it’s cool man, you can touch them”.

Without saying anything more, I touched and squzzed his arm and my eyes widened. “Shit man, those guns are like steel!” He flexes them even more and says “yeah, their pretty cool” all the while I continue to feel his arms up. I now understand that he likes to be worshipped. He absolutely should be and deserves to be.
Pushing the envelope now (so keep in mind, this all happened in about 1.5 minutes) I say “is your chest like that too?” He immediately does one of those poses to flex his chest and kinda pushes towards me like he wants me to feel his pecs also. Since he already let me grab his arm, the line had already been crossed. I reached out and felt his pec and as I suspected, it was like a firm globe. I even felt his tit – all the while he continued to flex to ensure it was at its optimal peak.

Now at this point, I have a raging hard-on under my shorts. I am hiding it the best I can behind the dolly.

The elevator opens and we get off on the same floor.
“Come by man for a quick bottle of water and you can use the bathroom if you need to” (knowing he was sweating and that he probably had no place to take a piss). Thanks man.

He follows me into my apartment. I tell him to bring the dolly in (my reasoning is so that the neighbor wouldn’t see it in the hall and come looking AND that Irish dude would not come looking.)

I give him a water, he says thanks, then uses the bathroom. He leaves the door open a crack and I can see his relfection on the mirror as he takes his man-meat out. As suspected, it is UNcut, not very long, but thick as a beer can.

I am not sure (nor will ever be) if he purposely left the door slightly open to show off or if that is just something that straight men do.

Anyway, he is looking around the bathroom while he is finishing his final dick shake and looks in the mirror and sees me looking at him from outside the bathroom. I continue to look and he now sees that I am not looking at his eyes, but at his beer can dick. I don’t stop staring, and he continues to shake his dick. He looks at me in the mirror, looks down at this dick, looks back at me, then back at his dick. He is not talking and I am not talking but he is saying to me via his eyes: “so you like my dick? You want this?”

He now knows that I am a cock sucker gay guy. I don’t touch myself because I don’t want him to get freaked out and bolt. I want him to know that he is a fucking god and I am lucky that he is showing me his thick cock – even if only through a mirrored reflection – I am so fucking lucky.

I get closer to the bathroom, all the while not taking my eyes off of his dick. He continues to shake it but now it has turned more into a stroking and he is getting hard. It is longer than I thought. He was a grower. He does not attempt to hide it or turn away as I get closer to the door. I push the door open slowly and he keeps looking at his dick and he sees that I am like no chick he has been with.

He sees that I am the real deal. I know how to appreciate him. His arms, his man smell, his chest, his dark skin, his man-meat. Most girls would be grossed out that he was just finishing taking a piss. Not me. It was the most manly, beautiful transition – from pissing to shaking to erect. I saw the whole thing and he knew that I was in awe. He actually was getting harder knowing that I was acting like I was drugged by him. I didn’t smile, I didn’t giggle like some girl, I didn’t say anything. I acted all serious. This was serious shit. I was in the presence of this once-in-a-lifetime straight guy that was beyond hot. There was nothing funny about it.

I walk in and I kneel down on the floor in front of the vanity. He turns away from the toilet and points his now hard dick at my face. He says “is this what you been looking for?” I nod like the cock hungry fagot that he suspected I was.

I open my mouth and stick out my tongue in the same fashion as when a doctor says “say aaa”.

He pushes his dick in my mouth. He knows what he is doing. He puts his hand on the back of my head to ensure maximum deepness down my throat. He knows that he has a beautiful penis and it should be full appreciated down to the root. I do not care that I have a slight gag reflect. He is so fucking awesome that (for whatever magic reason) I no longer have this issue. I am able to take him fully, actually feeling his pee-slit touch the back of my throat.

I suck it and swallow all the juice associated with an uncut cock…my saliva, his precum. He sees that I have no issue with being forced deep throated, so he ups the anty. He starts saying “so, are all you fagotts this good? You like sucking my dick you fuckin’ queer, don’t you?” I respond not by nodding or saying yes, but by sucking his dick harder and with increased suction. He sees that using me and abusing my throat gets me to give him an even better blow job – so he likes it. He is clearly straight, but now sees the benefits of a queer cocksucker. He can use me in anyway he likes (similiar to the straight porn girls he probably jerks off to, less the cat girl finger nails) without any drama or bullshit. Hell, I haven’t even touched myself because I know he does not want to see my dick. It would then become gay for him and that is not what this is about.

Since him and I both know that time is at a premium, we have to wrap it up. He continue the assault on my throat until he starts to get close. I put my hand under his shirt and feel his pecs and play with his left nipple. He goes nuts. “You like my massive chest? Ha? you like it? you fuckin’ faggot? ha? Suck my FUCKIN’ dick!!”

So I up it and put my other hand on his other tit doing the same. I am now sucking him purely with my mouth, no using my hand to help. He can’t take it any more and starts heaving and grabing the back of my head while he pumps hard. Straight guys getting ready to come is so hot. To my surprise he doesn’t come while pumping my mouth. He thrust 2 or 3 times then stops with his dick at its maximum depth down my throat. My faces is buried in his sweaty man pubes and he releases. I feel 3-4 shots hitting the back of my throat and I swallow. He shot so far down my throat that I didn’t even taste it in my mouth. He keeps it there until he is fully relieved. Pats me on my face like a dog and says “thanks faggot”.

He zips up, grabs his dolly and leaves.

I am still on the floor in kneeling postion. I undo my pants, take out my (now sticky) rod and relive in my mind what just happened. I come in under 3 minutes all over the bathroom floor.

I will definitly jerk off again tonight, just thinking about him.

Bathroom Repairs

This is Thor here. Hi everyone!
I wanted to start this blog to share my most inner thoughts on sex.

I am a gay man and am just itching to get these nasty thoughts out of my mind and down on paper (well, the computer). So here we go.

We suddenly have cracks in our tile. So we need to have the bathroom torn up and redone.

I stayed home from work today to allow the workmen to do their thing.

So the boss, Tom (not his real name) shows up at 9:00 as promised. He explains to me what he is going to do. “we will first tear up the tiles, remove the toilet, sink and shower door. Then we can see where the leak is”.

His 2 guys show up 5 minutes later, bringing in equipment. 1 guy is (most likely) early 40’s. Decent built, goatee, work boots, pretty tough, but not overly intimidating. His helper is a hot kid of 20(?). He is lean, built, shaved head and has the most fucking awesome blue eyes that stare through you.

I greet them both, as I start to get those funny thoughts in my head: [I would love to blow this kid, while the guy in charge is in the other room] But that shit is in my head – and never happens! (or so I thought).

The 40 something guy leaves for a while and says he will be back later and for the kid to finish gutting.

I have an idea.

I take my cell phone in my hand, walk into the master bedroom where he is working (on the master bathroom) and make sure he sees me holding it in my hand. “Hey man, how is it going? Can I get you some water or anything?” He looks up at me, sweat pouring down his sun-tanned forehead and says “na, i’m cool. Thanks”. I tell him that if he needs anything that I will just be in the other room.

I walk around the corner where he can’t see me anymore, but I know he can still hear me. I make off like I am now talking on my cell phone. I act like I am not aware that he can hear my conversation, since he is out of site, but I am only a few feet away near the entrance to the bedroom.

Me on the (fake call) “oh hi. yes, they are here gutting the bathroom. Yes, they are doing great work, blah, blah, blah….” I then act like I am whispering, like I don’t want this kid to hear me, but I know he can still hear me since I am only a few feet away.

Me whispering on my fake call: ‘pst, yeah. This kid that is here now is so fucking hot. Yeah, no, he is definitly straight, but what I would give to blow him while his boss is out. No, I don’t think so…Ya, no, not sure, blablab…. I will see if I can get him to bite, but I don’t know…..No, I know he is straight…I won’t even take out my dick, I just want him to let me blow strings. I will chat him up again and see if he bites…i don’t know..maybe if he kinda grabs is crotch a little, that would be a signal enough for me…ok, bye”

So I end my fake, whispering conversation knowing all well that he heard me, but I am pretending like I was whispering in private…yes, I am the foolish one.

So I try again…”hey man, how is it going?” (if he ignores me or just grunts, then I know it is a non-starter. …but…. “Cool man, how about you? are you off from work today?” He now stands up and I am facing him and he is staring me down with those fucking blue eyes. I keep up the small chat all the while staring eyes-to-eyes with him. He is kinda fiddling with his tools, almost a little nervous, since he most likely never has had this happen before (even with a girl).

He turns around, then around again and shows me the work he is doing in the shower stall. I figure I will make this easy for him.

He is standing up looking in the shower, showing me what he has gutted. I go into the shower next to him and, to get a better look, bend down on my knees. So now I am on my knees in front of him, while he is towering over me, showing me the gut work. I keep looking at his crotch, not stalker-like, but (a little) obvious. He finally makes a quick move like he is scratching his crotch or readjusting himself. He does it really quick, so I am not sure. I continue the bullshit small talk so I can continue to be on my knees in front of him while he happily stands over me.

Finally, he gets that I keep staring at his bulge and he kinda grabs himself. I look up at him, he looks down at me and I move my head up and down (saying YES, without using any words). He gets it, starts to undo his zipper and I stay there, kneeled down, with my mouth open, like a good, little cock-sucker. He now realizes that this is going to happen for real. (Side note: I am dripping pre-cum right now while typing this!) He takes his cock out. He has a smooth, cut, beautiful dick. I unbutton his pants so he can drop them and his underwear. I am making it clear that this won’t be like a quick “blow job though the zipper thing like chicks he has been with” but a real, cock sucking, ball licking, bush inhaling experience like only a real gay dude can give.

I make him drop his pants and underwear so I can see his full package in all its glory. I touch it, I feel his balls which are so fucking smooth it almost make me cum in my shorts. His dick is wet at the pee slit. Left over piss? Pre-cum from the past 5 minutes? Who cares. I take his, now fully erect 6.5 (i estimate) dick in my mouth. I open my mouth so wide so that I can completely put it to the back of my tonsils before I close my mouth around it. I suck so gently that he just closes his eyes. He can’t believe how good this feels from a guy. I look up at him, because I want him to look down at me. I want him to know that he is in control. He is the straight, construction dude with a girlfriend that is getting head from me, the faggot cocksucker, that is paying HIM for contruction work. I want his thoughts to be “I am so fucking hot, that even guys want to blow me. I have this guy here who recognizes my hotness, my big dig and my work belt. Hot dam, this guy SHOULD be blowing me, I am the fucking king here and like any good fag, he should be on his knees. I can’t wait to blow a load down his throat.”

Now that he is probably thinking this, I am fully prepared to play my part. I continue to suck, lick his balls, lick under his ball sack (which I know he has never had done, judging from his reaction), inhale his unkept bush and he starts to breath heavy.

I keep up my awesome technique of “slurp and jerk” using my hand and my mouth to keep him rock hard. He finally starts to talk…”Man, you keep this up and I’m gonna blow”. I keep it up and he warns me again. I think he is saying this because, like with most girls, he could never blow a load in their mouth or on their face. He has never been with a real cocksucker.

I continue the assault on his dick until he gives his 3rd and final warning, “man, oh man, i’m gonna….i’m gonna..” and he starts to shoot-all the while I keep it deep in the back of my throat, as to not miss a drop. There was not a drop spilled or lost. I happily looked up at him and swallowed, making sure he saw me swallow. He says: “dude, that was fucking nuts!” I stand up, motion for a hi-five from him and said “you rock man, thanks!” I then offer him a water and he says sure.

He can’t believe that I was thanking him.

His mind is now open a little more. He definitely loves pussy, but now knows what a good cocksucking experience is and soon will not forget it.